“If you get here it is because you know ferroalloy, here’s an outline of our product portfolio. If you are interested in them, we will be happy to help, send an email to comercial@dprc.eu”

Iron and steel industry

Additive for steel and cast iron and steel products.
Low Al
Low C
Low Ti
Versatility and tensile strength, maneuverability, mechanical strength, toughness and abrasion resistance and improves weldability.
Special steels
C -1,5
C – 1
C – 0,5
Additive for cleaner steel.
Steel cleaning
Steel cleaning


For improved ductile and compacted graphite irons


Improves the quality of cast iron


Very versatile and it is used as material for the metallic aluminum alloy as in the production of high purity silicon.
Indicated for alloyed aluminum
Indicated as a raw material both in the production of silicone
Indicated for special aluminum.


For mixing valve slide closures and use molds
High reactivity raw material used for the stabilization of pigments for ceramics industry. High strength concrete Refractories.
It is used in steelmaking as a fluxing agent and slagging,
Desulfurizer and Cleaning Agent Spoon
Suitable for improvement in special steels